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About Omaha TransLoading

Our History

Omaha TransLoading is a family run business that started in 2006. Steve Braithwaite and his sons have a rich history of business experience that started in the demolition industry. The critical thinking skills gained through those experiences have been the most valuable keys to the success of Omaha TransLoading.

Another key to success is the Braithwaites’ unwavering dedication to servicing the needs of the client as the most important aspect of being in business. This dedication to serving the client is evident in the substantial growth of the firm through difficult economic conditions.

The Omaha Facility

Omaha TransLoading is strategically located adjacent to downtown Omaha within minutes of Interstate 1-80 and I-29 and within 3 miles of five Fortune 500 companies. Omaha TransLoading is a key asset to any client in Omaha and the Midwestern Region. Its combination of experienced people lol, specialized equipment, and the capacity of this facility makes it capable of transloading of most bulk commodities.

Whether the need is to have your trucks scaled, compressed air, your railcar steamed, electricity or other amenities to transload your products, Omaha TransLoading has the right mix of services to tailor a specialized transloading program to meet your specific needs.

The Omaha TransLoading site is directly served by BNSF, a Class 1 Railroad. This minimizes the additional fees incurred by clients that utilize

short line railroads.

The Omaha TransLoading site is fully fenced, lighted and secured with 24-hour video surveillance.

The BNSF Premier Transload Program

As a BNSF premier transload provider, we are a part of a few selected companies that demonstrate supply-chain management worthy of inclusion

in an elite network of trusted industry professionals. By consistently providing customers responsive, reliable and quality service that is routinely above and beyond the norm, BNSF distinguishes us as a preferred transload service provider and we are proud to collaborate with BNSF every day.

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